1.The Rope Park can be enjoyed only by adults and minors with the written consent of their parents or legal guardians.

2. You take full responsibility of Yourself when entering the park.


a) The medium difficulty route is prepared for people measuring not less than 120 cm, other may have problems plugging the belay and getting around obstacles.

b) The low route is prepared for people measuring not less than 100 cm tall, other may have problems plugging the belay and getting around obstacles.

4. Using the child's route be people over 165cm tall is possible, but You have to be aware of the resulting danger.Since the assurance on the road is at a lower altitude than usual, it may not protest people measuring over 165 cm.

5. Using the Rope Park is allowed only after reading the rules, making payment, and passing the safety rules training.

6. Using the Line Park be people in influence of alcohol or drugs is forbidden.

7. Persons wishing to use the park must sign a declaration received with the entrance ticket.

8. The entrance to the Rope Park can only occur with the consent of the instructor.

9. People suffering from heart disease or other, which in the case of exercise may threaten their health or safety should not use the Rope Park.

10. The Rope Park staff is not responsible for items left in the park.

11th Safety standards in "EXPLORER PARK Rope Park":

Persons wishing to use the Park must be equipped with the protective equipment by the instructor.

The equipment can be putted on a person only by the instructor

After the equipment is put on, any changes to how it fits is forbidden.

Jewelry, sunglasses, cell phones and other items should be properly protected so that they not present a risk to the health or life of the user and other customers.

Long hair wearers should hide them under the helmet to avoid twisting them in blocks and other elements of the park.

The carabiner should be snapped on to both sides of the rope.

After each plugging to the rope, make sure that the cerabiner was properly closed.

When moving to the next obstacle, first unlock the first carabiner and snap it to the other rope, than the another one. Never unplug two carabiners at the same time!

Sanp-in points are marked red.

If there is another color mark next to the red mark, it means that You should plug also a pulley which is marked with the same color. They should be plugged in the same order that the order of color marks on the rope.Make sure, that the lines of Your carabiner and the pulley are not twisted

When riding on a polley, You should only hold the pulley line.

Grabbing the steel line when riding results with a serious injury!

The only acceptable position when riding is the "sitting position"

The approaching to landing platform, lift your legs and bend them slightly at the knees to absorb the potential impact of the mattress. At the time of reaching the platform, grab the additional line to prevent moving back away from the platform. Do not grab the line behind the pooley, so that the returning pooley doesn't damage Your hand.

Note! In the last phase of the ride do no not draw Your hands to the front in the direction of the mattress.

If You did not manage to stay on the platform and was pulled back, wait untill You stop and then move to the platform by pulling the main line.

After crossing the line You should keep the following sequence of plugging the equipment: first detach the one carabiner and one we plug it into the loop entwined around the tree, then unplug the pooley and attach it to  the side of the harness, the last detachable carabiner that is still on the steel and plug it to the next line.

When tackling a climbing wall, ramp, Jacob's ladder and the bushman's poles we plug the carabiner as often as we can, so that it is never attached below the harness (waist height).

While going through the Ropes Course is indicated stay calm, you can not jump over obstacles and swing on the attractions You are not supposed to.

There can be only one person on a single obstacle.

There can be only two people on one platform.

Unauthorized persons can not be near a climbing wall, the route of the park and near the rides.

If you ran out of strength or face other reasons that prevents You from completing the route, please ask our staff to bring You back to the ground.

During the visit to the Rope Park You should strictly obey the commands of the staff.

People in the Roupe Park can not  threat the life and safety of anyone else in the park by their behavior.

People on the Rope Park can not interfere in the work of it's staff

Damaging of any elements of the Park is prohibited under the threat of legal consequences.

All accidents and injuries must be reported immediately to Rope Park employees.

Not fallowing of any Rope Park regulations results in being expelled out of the Park.