Welcome to the most varied Rope Park in Western Poland!


Marked on the map in green. It is specially designed in order to ensure maximum flexibility, which in combination with a variety of obstacles to ensure a good time for kids of all ages. The use of meshes ensures that the fun will be absolutely safe and the also create interesting possibilities when it comes to ways of overcoming them. It's situated in a picturesque location next to the creek and the café, which confirms it's exceptional character and guarantees a memorable experience for children, always under the supervision of their parents.


Marked in blue. Simple and very nice, recommended for those who want to check their behavior on heights or those who want to overcome fears associated with it. On the low route You will meet two rope rides, and the platforms are located at a height of 3m to 5m. Running time is approximately 40 minutes.


Marked in red. This is quite a challenging route with several custom obstacles such as the "bicycle". The tour also includes two rides, including one over the road at a height of about 8 meters. platforms are at the height of 5 to 9 meters. Running time is approximately 50 minutes.


Marked in black. It is one of the most challenging routes in western Poland! Platforms are located at altitudes from 5 to 14 meters. One of the obstacles is the "Tarzan Jump" which can verify your physical abilities and courage, and also two rides. Transition time of about 1 hour.


Marked by dashed lines of black and green. Cross-training is designed for children and adults, for which the rope adventure park is a totally new challenge. The route is at a low height from the ground. Overcoming this route does not take a lot of time, because it is short. The obstacles are easy to overcome and well prepared to take off on the above-placed routes.


It is the only facility of this kind in Poznan, normally used to train military pilots. We offer it to people who want to experience and test their physical abilities and capabilities.